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Serving the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts


I'm glad you found your way here. I appreciate the referrals from my clients and colleagues.

My work takes me all around the Pioneer Valley and back to Boston regularly. I provide comprehensive piano service for private clients, schools, and churches. Let me tell you a little more about what I do and how you can reach me.


Sitting down at a well-tuned piano is simply one of the most satisfying experiences for any pianist. When a piano sounds good and all of its parts move smoothly and evenly, one can practice or perform for hours, getting lost in the music. It’s just magic.

But it’s almost impossible to find that joy when things are out of tune or not working well.  This is where I can help.  It is a real pleasure for me to coax the best out of my client’s pianos.

Piano Shop

Most problems can be handled right in the home, in the college practice room, or in the church sanctuary, but on occasion an issue will arise which can be better managed in the shop. I have a complete shop and I can handle any type of repair. I do rebuilding and repair work for other colleagues who see me as a resource in this area. At any given time I have at least one grand piano in the process of being rebuilt. I would be happy to show you my current projects.

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About Sean

  • "Registered Piano Technician" means that I have passed the rigorous three-day examination in aural tuning and piano repair established by the Piano Technician’s Guild.
  • I was taught to tune and rebuild pianos by some of the trade’s foremost teachers at the North Bennet Street School, Boston. I studied in the advanced piano technology program at this world-renowned institution for two years.
  • In Williamsburg, MA my workshop fills a restored one-room schoolhouse located behind my old colonial home dating to 1768.
  • Nothing is more exciting than making good music with my friends! I play both piano and upright bass. I currently play with several different ensembles here in Western Massachusetts.

Registered Piano Technician

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North Bennet Street School

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Making Good Music

Making Good Music

I play bass in the string section of the Holyoke Civic Symphony.  I am also the bass player for an old-time Americana band called "Appalachian Still".  The link will give you information on the band and upcoming shows.

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